What EHR Software Does NCG Medical Work With?

September 5, 2019 by Antonio Arias, MBA, CHBME

Topics: Medical Billing, Revenue Cycle Management

For many medical practices, there is a common fear that billing services may not work well with their current practice management or EHR software. 

At NCG Medical, you can rest assured that our team of medical billing and coding experts have the knowledge and experience to provide your practice with a seamless insurance billing experience that easily integrates into many of these systems.


Well-Versed in Many Common Systems

One way we help make that happen is by providing services that integrate well with any EHR or practice management software your practice is currently using. To help prevent the need for your practice to switch programs and uproot all your current processes, our team has a wealth of experience working with the most common practice-management and EHR software used today, including:


Whichever systems your practice chooses to use, we can provide expert consulting solutions to complement your tools. Our services are designed to help you reduce costs, get faster payments, have fewer billing errors, guarantee compliance, prepare for scalable growth, create efficiencies and more.

By using these systems you already have in place, we’ll help:

  • Identify where revenue is getting lost
  • Provide new workflow-optimized processes
  • Compare your success to other practices’ (locally and nationally) to create realistic benchmarks
  • Teach your staff and providers some of our top-performing best practices
  • And more


Customized Services to Fit Your Needs


NCG Medical offers varying levels of service based on what your practice needs. If your team’s bandwidth and familiarity with using your current system(s) is high, your practice might only need a medical billing company to help with the bigger problems like payer relationships, complex rejections, payment issues, etc. 

If your team isn’t as familiar with your current system, you may need more full-scope services to manage each aspect of your cash flow. Your practice could even need some highly customized, more boutique services that address very specific technical needs of your practice.


Finding the Best Medical Billing Firm for You



Regardless of the EHR software or practice-management system you have in place, NCG Medical is here to work with you and your team to provide useful insights, to ensure no money gets left on the table, and ultimately, to help grow your practice. Learn more about how to choose the best medical billing services for your practice now.


Learn more about how an outsourced medical billing firm like NCG Medical could help your team by contacting one of our billing experts today.





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