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How to Choose the Best Medical Billing Services for Your Practice

If you’re considering outsourced medical billing services for your practice, it’s important to know what to look for before deciding on a specific solution.

For many practices who’ve never used a medical billing firm before, the idea of handing everything over to an outside source can seem intimidating, but that’s often a problem of perception. The truth is, some of the most successful practices use outsourcing services to streamline their medical practice management.

Here are a few benefits to look for when considering medical billing firms for your practice:

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10 Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Billing

When it comes to thriving practices, it’s often that the in-house employees are the top contributors to that success. But regardless of talent, skill or capability, these individuals often lack the time and availability to keep up with the ever-changing tides of the healthcare industry.

For medical practices to have the same success, a responsible plan for financial health must be put into place. Outsourced medical insurance billing can be a very helpful solution and may even become your practice’s best asset. 

Here are 10 reasons to consider outsourcing when it comes to medical billing:

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Coding Abuse: Avoiding Enforcement Actions With Common Sense Protections

Submitting “clean” claims is something we emphasize here on the blog all the time – mostly in the context of ensuring forms and fields are filled out clearly for processing. But there’s another factor that makes a claim “clean,” too: Its legality.

Fraudulent claims are in the government’s crosshairs. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) enforces the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute, and other laws by cracking down on coding abuse – taking aim at improperly used modifiers, overcharged services, unnecessary equipment, and so on.

That means that upcoding and downcoding can destroy your practice – and if your staff isn’t diligent about cross-checking code use, fraudulent activities on your team could pass undetected until it’s too late. Sniff out problematic coding practices on your team with these tips.

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Implementing a New Medical Practice Solution? 3 Keys to Success

Has your organization decided to swap out your existing software stack for a smarter toolset? Congratulations – reaching consensus for a new solution is no easy feat (and often takes far longer than providers expect).

Regardless, deciding to switch is only the beginning of the solution implementation process. Your new vendor will undoubtedly help guide you through the experience – ideally, with the added guidance and expertise of your medical billing service. But even with the best consultative help out there, many practices still miss gaps in their approach internally.

Creating a strong sense of expectations and plans can keep your whole team engaged and on-goal throughout the implementation process. Here are our top three pieces of advice as you start putting a selected solution into action.

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What Type of Medical Billing Firm Do You Need?

When they’ve never used a medical billing firm before, doctors and practice managers can be hesitant to outsource revenue cycle management. Often, it’s an issue of perception.

When billing operations are managed entirely in-house, leaders tend to believe that the practice has stronger “control” over its cash flow (even if their poor metrics prove otherwise). By outsourcing, the thinking goes, aren’t they just handing the reins over to someone else?

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5 Best Practices for Boosting Clean Claim Ratios

Your practice’s ‘clean claim’ ratio is the average number of claims paid on first submission. How’s yours?

Every provider would love to reach a percentage above 95%, but it’s not really the number that matters. Practice budgets are tight, and your staff’s time is the most precious resource you have. So if your clean claims rate is less than 85% (or worse), it means your staff is likely spending lots of time on identifying denial reasons, coordinating with payers, and re-submitting claims.

That’s far from ideal. To make smarter use of resources around your practice, embrace these best practices that can help you get paid on first-submit more frequently.

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How Can Private Patient Advocates Help Providers' Performance?

It was 2007 when US News first called private patient advocacy an “ahead-of-the-curve” career path serving a “huge unmet need.” More than a decade later, the role private patient advocates play in the US healthcare system is still growing – and the unmet need remains.

Private patient advocates are hired by individuals to help navigate the landscape of care. These professionals give patients an ally on their side – someone capable of applying healthcare expertise to cut through the complexities of treatment coordination and billing to help patients make fully informed decisions.

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Using Tech to Improve Patient Access & Practice Efficiency

When it comes to technology, healthcare providers may feel they have their hands full meeting the requirements of incentive programs. Beyond ensuring their solutions are able to report on MIPS and MACRA and meet Meaningful Use expectations, what else is there?

Well, practices and hospitals certainly aren’t required to upgrade too much else. But failing to do so might have a damaging impact on their long-term health. As the reimbursement environment grows more value-based and consumer-driven, providers will need to more than the bare minimum with their technology.

Adhering to incentive-program expectations is only the beginning – especially because it focuses mainly on the reportability of your data, and the operability of your internal systems. Consumers, quite frankly, don’t care about that.

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Tips on Making Prior Authorizations a Smaller Part of Your Day

Prior authorizations are one of the most time-consuming, onerous aspects of the fee-for-service healthcare system. Just as doctors: AMA research shows that 84% of physicians consider the burden of prior authorizations as high or extremely high.

The general drudgery and payer-provider coordination involved in prior authorizations weighs down administrative and clinical staff alike – making them a key contributing factor in issues like physician burnout and staff turnover.

But the inefficiencies hurt more than employee satisfaction and operational performance. Wait times for prior authorization decisions often take three days or more. In that time, patients may change their mind or abandon a course of action – harming their potential to see positive health outcomes from provider-recommended care.

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How to Keep Cash Payments From Tripping Up Your Practice

Accepting cash payments is one way practices can broaden their revenue beyond traditional fee-for-service. For our readers in integrative health fields – such as acupuncture, massage therapy or chiropractic practice – accepting cash payments is typically a necessity (like it or not) given the challenges of insurer plans.

Still, cash-pay acceptance can create a unique set of issues for practices to deal with. And that’s true whether the need is motivated by an “actual cash” problem (that is, a need to accept full payment from patients who do not have health insurance) or an “effective cash” problem (in which insurance doesn’t cover desired services, or deductibles have yet to be met).

A few best practices can help providers handle both kinds of cash-pay concerns with confidence.

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Expert Medical Billing Services: So You Don't Lose a Cent

We can help with medical billing 

NCG Medical are experts at medical billing services. We can help protect your bottom line. NCG's medical billing and coding division employs highly-trained accounting and billing specialist - including CPAs and MBA-trained staff - to assure your practice gets the reimbursements it deserves.

NCG's revenue cycle consulting helps in the following key areas:

  • benchmarking practices success against local and national standards
  • creating workflow optimized operations
  • aligning technology with clinical activities
  • identifying missing revenue, and educating staff and providers
  • and many more

With regulations changing, rates constantly decreasing and compliance requirements evolving, we understand that your medical billing and processing is tougher than ever.

Contact us today to schedule your billing checkup, 800-959-1906.

The Stimulus

Under the HITECH Act – a provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – physicians who implement EHRs and meet HHS meaningful use criteria may be eligible for HITECH incentives of $44,000 or more.

Meaningful Use

The Recovery Act specifies the following three components of meaningful use:

1. Use a certified EHR in a meaningful manner such as e-prescribing.

2. Use certified EHR technology for electronic exchange of health information to improve quality of healthcare.

3. Use certified EHR technology to submit clinical quality measures.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing us to NCG Medical and the Perfect Care EMR system. It has been an answer we were looking for. The new system was easy to install without having to retrain the staff on a new system. Your staff has been a pleasure to work with. Laura has been amazing with the implementation right up to the point of attestation for the incentive check, which, by the way, we received. As promised, we received $18,000 per doctor for five providers within 90 days.

- Jan L. Delnero, Business Administrator, ATLANTIC GASTROENTEROLOGY ASSOCIATES, P.A.

Our office has been with NCG Medical for a decade now, and our experience has always been positive.  When we decided to switch over to Perfect Care EHR everyone was very helpful in the process.  At the end of the year we did receive our $18,000 incentive check. It went very smooth and easy!

- Peter C. Smith, M.D.

Our practice is a multi-specialty clinic with family medicine, chiropractic, and podiatry specialties. Perfect Care has been a perfect match for all our doctors. The successful attestation of our five doctors with Perfect Care EHR was the icing on the cake!

- Randy Glisson, D.C.

I have been working with NCG Medical for several years. Perfect Care EHR is the only way to maintain continued productivity, excellent service, and a medical practice that will run smoothly no matter what requirements or mandates face the health care industry. As practice manager, it is my responsibility to make sure the business runs smooth. I want to thank the staff at NCG Medical for guiding me through these last several years.  Perfect Care EHR is an asset to any practice.

- Sherri L Maetozo, MD

We have met "meaningful use" easily, NCG and Perfect Care EHR support team guided us through the attestment and we are awaiting our "incentive" checks three months after installation.  It's a wonderful team to work with!

- Novik + Stawicki Medical Associates, P.C.

The NCG Medical service that we receive is excellent and the personnel we work with are fantastic. All my questions are answered quickly and followed up with additional resources to ensure that my practice is successful…true picture of great customer service.

- Brian Deonarine, MD

As an administrator of a busy general surgery practice it was my responsibility to find the very best EHR system. I looked at more than eight EHR systems and NCG Medical’s Perfect Care EHR fit all of our needs. We are so happy with our decision.

- Surgical Associates of Central Florida

Our Perfect Care program was easy to learn and use! NCG's knowledgeable staff took what could have easily been the most nightmarish ordeal and helped us transition seamlessly into an EHR system that works for us, without affecting our office productivity, resulting in an $18,000 incentive. Thanks NCG!

- Kenneth Hawthorne, MD

Our experience with NCG Medical and Perfect Care exceeded my expectations.  As we were trying to beat the deadline to receive the incentive, NCG took over and handled everything quickly and professionally. They were able to accomplish all of what was required and had my office trained and working in plenty of time – all with no loss of productivity or change in any workflow.  

- Advanced Eyecare and Laser Center

My office has been using Perfect Care EHR for five months. I’m a solo doctor and see on average 50 patients a day. With Perfect Care EHR I never saw a loss in productivity and I have already received $18,000 in incentives.

- Mainland Eye

I have been a user of Perfect Care EHR for about seven months.  I’m totally satisfied with the system operation and the outstanding service.  As promised, I received the $18,000.00 incentive in December of 2011, without any problem.  I have used another vendor in the past and never received the quality of service as I do now. I can't imagine why anyone would use another vendor.  I fully endorse the Perfect Care program and its staff.

- Joseph S Fisher, MD, PC, FACP, FACE

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