5 Timely Tips for Adjusting to MACRA

The Quality Payment Program (QPP) from CMS, which includes the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act or ‘MACRA,’ is yet another step toward a more value- and outcome-driven healthcare environment than the traditional fee-for-service landscape.

Yet while QPP and MACRA represent a seminal shift, they also put providers in a ‘shifty’ situation. Right now, they need to balance the day-to-day considerations of their regular operations against the need to implement practices and policies to help them adapt to the new changes.

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How Technology Can Help Providers Better Understand Patients

For many of today’s top businesses, departmental functions such as marketing and sales have become highly data-driven and technologically savvy. With the help of sophisticated technology systems, those businesses can apply a laser focus on their customer base – understanding who their buyers and users are, what appeals to them, and how they interact with the brand or company.

Healthcare hasn’t been afforded the same opportunity, and there are many reasons why. For one, our space has never been as tech-powered as many other industries. For another, it’s not privy to the same kind of one-to-one marketing and sales relationships as other sectors. Why? Because aside from preventive measures, patients pursue care when they need it; they don’t ‘buy’ it as a commodity.

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Outsource Wisely! 5 Key Questions as You Pursue a Medical Billing Service

Despite the many advantages that medical practices can achieve by outsourcing their back-office operations to a trustedmedical billing service, providers and practice managers often struggle to determine if outsourcing is the right approach for their organizations.

Stakeholders’ anxieties over outsourcing can stem from variety of factors – such as their existing approach to office administration, their current financial standing, or their staff members’ mixed feelings about utilizing a third-party service. In addition, many perceive that outsourcing is akin to giving up control of the practice’s revenue cycle (and potentially losing a sense of autonomy and oversight over their income stream).

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Understanding the Most Important Updates in the 2017 CPT Manual

As with every other annual edition, the 2017 CPT Manual includes many changes to the prior Current Procedural Terminology code set changes. (The manual is the AMA's official coding resource for procedural coding rules and guidelines, designed to help readers perform accurate claims submissions.)

Which changes matter most for your organization depends on your practice’s scope and specialty, since providers across the landscape of healthcare are subject to big updates for the new calendar year. All told, there are a total of 117 new CPT codes, 34 revised CPT codes, and 82 deleted CPT codes in the updated code set.

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The Changing Landscape of Medical Practice Payment Models

From concierge practices and pay-as-you go clinics to accountable care organizations (ACOs) and patient centered medical homes (PCMHs), there are more ways than ever to operate your medical office from a business perspective.

Are some models better than others? In 2017, it remains hard to predict what the medical practice of the future will look like. While alternative payment models are becoming more commonplace, the U.S. healthcare and medical billing systems largely remain business-as-usual… meaning that fee-for-service still comes first.

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Medicaid Reform: The Latest Updates Your Need to Know

For patients and providers across the country, the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has many on pins and needles. Since 18 million Americans currently receive healthcare coverage under the ACA, any repeal or drawbacks to the ACA policies would have an immediate and complicated impact on the U.S. healthcare system.

But another potential policy initiative could impact far, far more American patients (and providers). Medicaid reform – which would affect the nearly 20 percent Americans enrolled in Medicaid – is a distinct possibility in the near future. Proposals currently circulating would reduce or eliminate coverage for millions of people.

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Staying Independent? 3 Smart Tips for Your Practice

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, becoming a hospital-owned practice is an increasingly tempting offer for many independent practitioners. Small practices that cannot afford to invest in information technology, reporting, and other population health capabilities are at a disadvantage as more of their revenue is placed at risk under performance and value-based contracts.

Having an ally on their side to navigate those issues – as well as to help them manage an ever-more complex regulatory landscape, challenging employment environment, and changing patient expectations – can certainly be an asset to struggling practices. But going ‘owned’ comes with plenty of drawbacks, too, including a lack of provider autonomy and many restrictions on how a medical office operates as a business.

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Patients as Payers? Adapting to the New Era of ‘Healthcare Consumerism’

Over the last two decades, health insurance costs of have grown in ways few could have predicted, with patients now paying for a full 25 percent of their medical costs out-of-pocket. High-deductible health plans purchased through the U.S. government’s Healthcare Marketplace (following the passage of the Affordable Care Act) are far from the only reason: Since 1999, insurance premiums have risen 213 percent for family coverage purchased through an employer.

Even following so many years of increases, many patients’ deductibles, copays, and coinsurance amounts are predicted to continue to getting higher in the years to come. And the growing amount of financial responsibility being placed on the shoulders of patients is beginning to turning the traditional relationship between patients and their providers on its head.

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No More No Shows! Here's How to Promote Appointment Adherence

It may seem hard to believe, but missed appointments can be the top driver of lost revenue for many medical practices. Hard data on no-shows is hard to come by, but studies generally report non-attendance rates between 15% and 30% in outpatient clinics.

When patients don’t show up, it costs your practice more than just the reimbursements on the missed visit itself. Staff time essentially goes to waste, as well, as does your spending on technological resources and other office infrastructures. Then there’s the effort plugged into rescheduling a visit, and the longer wait times imposed on your patient base unnecessarily – potentially leading to lower overall satisfaction rates.

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The Top 3 Medical Billing Issues to Watch in 2017

With the new year underway, there remain a multitude of question marks for medical billers and other members of the U.S. healthcare system. As 2017 marches onward, organizations need to continually pay mind to the trends, issues, and updates that will affect the effectiveness of their revenue cycle over the course of what is sure to be an eventful year.

To set your practice up for success, we’ve highlighted three major areas of concern for billers, coders, practice managers, and providers. If you’re struggling to prepare for these and other oncoming evolutions in 2017, consider outsourcing your back office operations to a trusted medical billing service with a strong background in your specialty.

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Don't Lose a Cent

We can help with medical billing 

NCG Medical are experts at medical billing services. We can help protect your bottom line. NCG's billing and revenue consulting division employs highly-trained accounting and billing specialist - including CPAs and MBA-trained staff - to assure your practice gets the reimbursements it deserves.

NCG's revenue cycle consulting helps in the following key areas:

  • benchmarking practices success against local and national standards
  • creating workflow optimized operations
  • aligning technology with clinical activities
  • indentifying missing revenue, and educating staff and providers
  • and many more

With regulations changing, rates constantly decreasing and compliance requirements evolving, we understand that your medical billing and processing is tougher than ever.

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The Stimulus

Under the HITECH Act – a provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – physicians who implement EHRs and meet HHS meaningful use criteria may be eligible for HITECH incentives of $44,000 or more.

Meaningful Use

The Recovery Act specifies the following three components of meaningful use:

1. Use a certified EHR in a meaningful manner such as e-prescribing.

2. Use certified EHR technology for electronic exchange of health information to improve quality of healthcare.

3. Use certified EHR technology to submit clinical quality measures.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing us to NCG Medical and the Perfect Care EMR system. It has been an answer we were looking for. The new system was easy to install without having to retrain the staff on a new system. Your staff has been a pleasure to work with. Laura has been amazing with the implementation right up to the point of attestation for the incentive check, which, by the way, we received. As promised, we received $18,000 per doctor for five providers within 90 days.

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I have been working with NCG Medical for several years. Perfect Care EHR is the only way to maintain continued productivity, excellent service, and a medical practice that will run smoothly no matter what requirements or mandates face the health care industry. As practice manager, it is my responsibility to make sure the business runs smooth. I want to thank the staff at NCG Medical for guiding me through these last several years.  Perfect Care EHR is an asset to any practice.

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- Novik + Stawicki Medical Associates, P.C. Read More Testimonials

The NCG Medical service that we receive is excellent and the personnel we work with are fantastic. All my questions are answered quickly and followed up with additional resources to ensure that my practice is successful…true picture of great customer service.

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As an administrator of a busy general surgery practice it was my responsibility to find the very best EHR system. I looked at more than eight EHR systems and NCG Medical’s Perfect Care EHR fit all of our needs. We are so happy with our decision.

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Our experience with NCG Medical and Perfect Care exceeded my expectations.  As we were trying to beat the deadline to receive the incentive, NCG took over and handled everything quickly and professionally. They were able to accomplish all of what was required and had my office trained and working in plenty of time – all with no loss of productivity or change in any workflow.  

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My office has been using Perfect Care EHR for five months. I’m a solo doctor and see on average 50 patients a day. With Perfect Care EHR I never saw a loss in productivity and I have already received $18,000 in incentives.

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I have been a user of Perfect Care EHR for about seven months.  I’m totally satisfied with the system operation and the outstanding service.  As promised, I received the $18,000.00 incentive in December of 2011, without any problem.  I have used another vendor in the past and never received the quality of service as I do now. I can't imagine why anyone would use another vendor.  I fully endorse the Perfect Care program and its staff.

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