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A Brief Guide to Medical Billing and Coding Best Practices


At NCG Medical, our mission is to provide expert medical billing services that integrate seamlessly into your current practice management software or EHR. That’s why our team of in-house experts have a wide range of knowledge and extensive experience working with common softwares to best serve you and your practice without having to uproot all your familiar processes and resources.

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Revenue Cycle Management Tips - Top Tools For Medical Practice Managers!


Running a medical practice in today’s day and age is becoming quite the challenge for many.  Multiple layers of government compliance programs, decreased payments from insurance programs, staff management needs and most important, customer service and patient care. 

Listed below are 10 excellent revenue cycle management tools every medical practice manager should be aware of and utilizing in their practice.  

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Physician Billing Best Practice: Prepare for Meaningful Use Audits


NCG Medical is more than an Orlando medical billing company, we also develop practice management software, document management software and electronic medical records (EMR) to aid all aspects of revenue cycle management. Lately we have been hearing more and more from EMR users about government Meaningful Use (MU) audits. As a physician billing best practice, we recommend you complete an internal review of your reporting measures to ensure you can defend any challenges in a formal audit.  We also recommend keeping all of your supporting documentation together for each attestation year.  

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Physician Billing Best Practices


You've probably heard many times before that if you want to have predictable cash flow you have to have great revenue cycle management.

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