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Reduce Practice Risk Through the Do's and Don’ts of Documentation


Even in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment - where technology and new laws impact almost every aspect of medical billing and practice management - one of the most valuable tools to protect your practice is the most simple: your pen.

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Considering Participating in an ACO?


As a medical billing company we are seeing the health care industry evolve, value-based care is becoming increasingly important to the governmental powers that be. But it matters to practices, too! If delivering enhanced, collaborative care to your patients is a growing priority for your practice, you may be captivated by the opportunity to participate in one of the most successful initiatives in the value-based care movement: the ACO, or Accountable Care Organization.

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How to Hire Great Staffers for Your Medical Practice



As you look around your practice, you likely see many areas where you could invest in new resources: technology, infrastructure, new devices. But what about your human resources?

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Can Patient Education Improve Your Revenue ?


Medical practices are under pressure from so many formidable factors – dwindling reimbursements, crammed schedules, changing healthcare laws and regulatory requirements – that sometimes even the simplest efforts to improve financial performance end up on the low end of your priority list (if they make the list at all).

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