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Reduce Practice Risk through the Dos and Don’ts of Documentation


Even in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment - where technology and new laws impact almost every aspect of medical billing and practice management - one of the most valuable tools to protect your practice is the most simple: your pen.

Each medical record in your office is a living legal document. Ensuring that all of the documentation inside them is thorough, accurate, and legible should be a primary concern for every medical practice, but it’s not typically prioritized. How often do you review the completeness and quality of your medical documentation?

Whether you use electronic health records, paper charts, or both, it’s crucial to revisit your documentation processes and procedures regularly to ensure that you’re keeping your malpractice risk to a minimum. Here are the keys to keep in mind.

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Considering Participating in an ACO?


As a medical billing company we are seeing the health care industry evolve, value-based care is becoming increasingly important to the governmental powers that be. But it matters to practices, too! If delivering enhanced, collaborative care to your patients is a growing priority for your practice, you may be captivated by the opportunity to participate in one of the most successful initiatives in the value-based care movement: the ACO, or Accountable Care Organization.


What’s an ACO?...

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How to Hire Great Staffers for Your Medical Practice


How to Hire Great Staffers for Your Medical Practice

As you look around your practice, you likely see many areas where you could invest in new resources: technology, infrastructure, new devices. But what about your human resources?

Your investment in your staff is arguably the one with that reaps the highest dividends on your office’s productivity, patient satisfaction, and revenues. That’s why, whenever a team member quits or retires, it’s critical for you to take a long-term approach to hiring a new employee who will be a good fit for your team and make a strong contribution to your success – not to just get a new body in that empty seat as soon as possible.

The best bet is to look for an employee with the right mix of several qualities experience, teachability, enthusiasm, and commitment – that you can assess throughout the different phases of the hiring process.

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Can Patient Education Improve Your Revenue ?


Does Patient Education Improve Your Revenue?

Medical practices are under pressure from so many formidable factors – dwindling reimbursements, crammed schedules, changing healthcare laws and regulatory requirements – that sometimes even the simplest efforts to improve financial performance end up on the low end of your priority list (if they make the list at all).

One example is patient education. It’s a no-brainer that a fully informed patient will likely be a happier one and be more likely to show up on time, pay in full, and follow their doctor’s orders. But due to a lack of time, resources, or knowledge, medical practices often give patient education little attention across the board.

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