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3 Ways Radiation Oncologists Can Prevent Burnout


The healthcare industry is not always forgiving when it comes to workload and burnout. Long hours, high-pressure situations and continually growing administrative tasks can lead to a variety of problems: increased medical errors, low-quality patient care, higher risks for malpractice and much more.

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Why Should I Use Expert Medical Billing Services?


When it comes to achieving and maintaining financial health, every medical practice needs an expert on their side to help make it happen.

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40 Years of Medical Billing Success Stories at NCG Medical


Since 1979, NCG Medical has helped countless practices across various specialties with customized medical billing services that suit their specific needs. From radiation oncology and gastroenterology, to orthopedics and beyond, our team has provided many services, including practice-merger and contract negotiations, electronic health records, practice growth and much more.

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NCG Medical: Outsourced Medical Billing That Feels In-House


For many medical practices, the idea of outsourcing billing services can be daunting—and understandably so. It’s a difficult task to just hand over all processes and trust a third-party resource that may or may not fully understand your industry. Plus, there’s also the risk that they may be difficult to get ahold of and may not have customized solutions that meet your practice’s unique needs.

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Three Surprise Benefits of a Medical Billing Service


When considering the switch to outsourced medical billing services, doctors and medical practice managers typically focus on the most obvious benefits: lower overhead costs, decreased demand on staff, improved and more consistent cash flow.

Yet those cut-and-dry advantages aren’t the only ‘pros’ of contracting with a medical billing firm. The effectiveness of your revenue cycle management (RCM) efforts is the most important indicator of your medical practice’s overall success, so when the responsibility for billing outcomes is transferred to an outside entity, the benefits reaped can go far beyond finances. Here are three bonus ‘perks’ you may not expect.

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