The Cloud Provides Health Care IT Solutions Above the Ongoing Technology Scrum

June 25, 2012 by Wellons Communi...

Don’t look now, but some current major players in the tech world may actually be doomed.

Experts predict the move away from personal computers is surging, with everyone from doctors to schoolchildren making the switch from PCs and laptops to smart phones and tablets.

This transition is sparking a major upheaval in the computer manufacturing world. Microsoft recently unveiled Surface, its new tablet device, to great acclaim. Surface is expected to make its appearance in stores by the end of the year.

Some might say “big deal,” but Microsoft’s move from software development into the manufacturing of computer hardware is a very big deal. It shifts the playing field so that three companies – Microsoft, Apple and Google –are poised to dominate this new age of computing.

In the past, Microsoft made its billions on selling operating systems to hardware providers. Now it is taking its first critical steps to cutting the middlemen -- hardware makers like Dell and Hewlett-Packard are now out of the picture.

What does this shifting marketplace mean for electronic health records technology? Savvy medical practices are recognizing that a cloud-based records system is the way of the future.

By having your records live in the cloud, your critical data is floating above the technology wars while ensuring compatibility with whatever trends emerge. At NCG Medical we keep a close eye on the changing winds of the tech world so that our clients can focus on practicing medicine, not keeping up with Silicon Valley.

Our Perfect Care solution is cloud-based and upgraded on an ongoing basis.

The one constant in today's health care environment is change. At NCG we are committed to anticipating the changes and staying ahead of the trends to ensure your electronic health records and practice management remain as efficient as possible for whatever lies ahead.

To learn more about trends in computing, read this Daily Beast article at

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