Pursuing the Right Software Set-Up to Get Your Practice Paid Quickly

September 11, 2018 by Antonio Arias, MBA, CHBME

Topics: Practice Management, Medical Billing Company

Reaching the outcomes you want, in all walks of life, requires using the right tools. But in the medical practice environment, it can be hard to know if your solutions are hindering your success.

When it comes to practice management and medical billing technology, providers have a tendency to settle for systems that are “good enough” to get the job done. But doctors and their teams deserve better… and when they use better tools, they see better results.

Relying on modern, integrated solutions (as opposed to outdated, hardware-bound systems) can minimize unnecessary denials and rejections, because the best tools streamline complex onboarding processes and provide guardrails to help you submit clean claims.

But reaching the right software set-up not just about automating eligibility checks or claim scrubbing, or achieving proper payer-provider credentialing. It’s also about ease-of-use: When your systems are intuitive and well-integrated with your clinical data, you can lower overhead while earning better data to understand your practice’s performance.

At NCG, we offer clients two options for managing their medical billing: we can do it through customers’ existing legacy technology, or through our system. But we always recommend the latter; we have a track record of working with clients to better integrate their medical billing and EHR platforms – making them more efficient (and ultimately saving them time and money).

Getting electronic claims processed and accepted by payers is simpler when your software is set up properly, and your systems are easy to use. So what sets our “techspert” solutions apart?

  • Simple, intuitive practice management systems that require minimal staff training
  • Mobile-friendly software that enables our customers to access medical billing anywhere, via smartphones or tablets
  • Open architecture that interfaces to other solutions, delivering faster filing times and fewer errors (helping lower denials)
  • Streamlined credentialing and contract management solutions with faster, easier onboarding
  • Customizable, user-defined settings and clinical tabs
  • Cloud-based, paperless document storage for improved staff efficiency, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced operational costs
  • End-to-end digital experience, spanning ePrescription, data capture, reporting, lab and order management, chart access, and all Meaningful Use expectations
  • One-day installations with 24/7 support – spanning both IT needs and billing/coding concerns

It comes down to delivering our medical billing expertise in the most secure, accurate, and accessible ways possible. With our industry-leading toolset, we help clients do more than get the job done – we help them reach the top-tier medical billing results they deserve.



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