Perfect Care EHR Tops National Average for Getting Doctors Electronic Health Record Stimulus Money

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Perfect Care EHR qualifies medical professionals for incentive payments in less than 100 days.

Orlando, Fla. – (March 21, 2012) – Physicians looking to qualify for thousands of dollars in federal incentives with electronic health records are finding quick success with Perfect Care EHR.

Medical professionals using Perfect Care EHR from NCG Medical are often prepared for federal standards in less than 100 days after starting to use the program. Perfect Care EHR’s attestment record for 2011 was 83 percent of all doctors working with NCG. In addition to one of the highest attestment averages in the nation, Perfect Care is up to two times faster than other health record programs.

National Sales Manager Steven Thill explains that Perfect Care EHR is tailored for smaller practices. The experienced consulting team at NCG Medical can monitor how the program is being used so that qualifications for meaningful use are nearly guaranteed.

“When you combine a nationally certified program like Perfect Care with consistent monitoring and a strong consulting team that can quickly troubleshoot any problems, you get outstanding results,” Thill said. “We are extremely proud that our clients are getting paid in record time with Perfect Care.”

NCG Medical reports that medical professionals buying Perfect Care report seeing positive returns on their medical health record investment. In 2012, medical practices that are new to a certified EHR can qualify for $18,000 in government incentives in return for providing baseline medical data to the government. Throughout the first five years of the federal stimulus program physicians can receive up to $44,000.

Doctors who sign up for Perfect Care EHR will get the maximum benefit of the incentive program. Starting in 2013, the incentive payout will begin to drop.

Perfect Care EHR can be installed in less than a day and does not change the existing workflow of the office. The required medical data can be entered into the system by office and nursing staff, leaving the physician free to spend time on patients – not paperwork.

Perfect Care EHR success story:

Barbara McAteer, office manager for Hawthorne MD in Ormond Beach, Fla., is happy that NCG Medical helped her office qualify for incentive money in 2011. “Our Perfect Care program was easy to learn and use! NCG's knowledgeable staff took what could have easily been the most nightmarish ordeal and helped us transition seamlessly into an EHR system that works for us, without affecting our office productivity, resulting in an $18,000 incentive. ’’

To learn more about Perfect Care EHR, visit or call 800-959-1906.

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