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by Antonio Arias, MBA, CHBME

NCG Medical: Outsourced Medical Billing That Feels In-House


For many medical practices, the idea of outsourcing billing services can be daunting—and understandably so. It’s a difficult task to just hand over all processes and trust a third-party resource that may or may not fully understand your industry. Plus, there’s also the risk that they may be difficult to get ahold of and may not have customized solutions that meet your practice’s unique needs.

But that’s where it’s up to medical billing firms to demonstrate how their expertise across different specialties can work for many practices—while still being targeted and customized.


We Maximize Practice-Management Potential

Man Looking Through Magnifying Glass at Stacks of Coins

At NCG Medical, we’ve spent the past 40 years tailoring our services to meet the needs of many different practices, not just to assist with medical billing, but also to help maximize management potential and ultimately retain more revenue. Specializing in dermatology, gastroenterology, radiation oncology, holistic billing services and more, we’re here to step in where we’re needed most. While some practices only need credentialing and contract management, others may need full-service revenue cycle management to get their practice on track.


We’re Dedicated to Providing Value

Some outsourcing companies are quick to nickel and dime you with fees, inflated invoices and other charges that don’t always seem worth the results you’re seeing.

Our policy is to provide value instead. Just like an in-house employee, we’re committed to getting the maximum number of reimbursements possible for your practice. That’s why you’ll never see any upfront fees from our team, nor will we get paid unless you do first.


We Believe in Partnership

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When it comes to outsourcing (whether it’s medical billing or something else entirely), both the provider and the outsourced company must mutually agree that the relationship is a partnership. Our U.S.-based tech support team is available 24/7 to help with onboarding, to provide insight about importing charges, to report on financial performance and to assist with any other questions you or your team may have.



There are many benefits to outsourcing medical billing, while still feeling like it's being handle in-house. At NCG Medical, we believe that our success is your success. From handling medical billing and coding, to offering consulting services and much more, our team is dedicated to making it feel like we’re in-house.


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by Antonio Arias, MBA, CHBME

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