NCG Medical Named Qualified EHR Vendor for PaperFree Florida

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PaperFree Florida serves doctors in the Tampa region:

ORLANDO, Fla. (March 23, 2011) – NCG Medical, a global leader in electronic medical health records, has been named a qualified vendor for Electronic Health Records (EHR) for PaperFree Florida.

PaperFree Florida is a federally funded Regional Extension Center (REC) affiliated with the University of South Florida, USF Health and Healthy Ocala among others. This REC provides Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation consulting services to primary care physicians within an eleven (11) county region centered in the greater Tampa Bay region.

NCG Medical currently has two nationally certified electronic health record programs, Perfect Care EHR and Perfect Care EHR Lite. Both solutions qualify doctors for stimulus funding under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Perfect Care EHR Lite provides the quickest pathway for meaningful use and the first stage of up to $64,000 in federal funding for implementing electronic health records.

"Florida is our home market and we're looking forward to working with PaperFree Florida to help serve doctors in the Tampa and Ocala markets,” said Stephen Thill, NCG Medical’s National Sales Manager. "We're very proud to have two certified Perfect Care solutions as well as the professional support staff to make things as simple on the doctors and their medical team as possible."

As a qualified vendor, NCG Medical had to meet all requirements set out in the vendor qualification process. This included demonstrations of NCG Medical’s products, Perfect Care EHR and Perfect Care EHR Lite, to PaperFree Florida’s field staff.

The core mission of PaperFree Florida is to facilitate the selection, adoption, implementation and upgrades of EHR systems by physicians and other medical professionals in their 11-county region.

NCG Medical, based in Orlando, specializes in serving ambulatory physicians. NCG, a pioneer in the development of electronic medical records (EMR) and now EHR solutions, serves thousands of medical professionals across the county.

Thill adds that 2011 is a critical year for doctors looking to start down the path to a certified EHR solution. This year medical professionals can qualify for a full year of federal grant payments if they demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health records for only three months. In future years, medical professionals must show meaningful use for a full year.

About NCG Medical
NCG Medical is a global leader in integrated health information technology solutions for ambulatory medical practices and regional extension centers. Based out of Orlando, Fla., NCG Medical is a pioneer of electronic health records. Physicians and medical institutions turn to NCG Medical for solutions in practice management, electronic health records, and medical billing. NCG Medical is ranked among the top three providers of practice management software, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems technology, and billing nationwide. To learn more, visit NCG Medical at

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