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January 25, 2019 by Antonio Arias, MBA, CHBME

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At NCG Medical, our mission is to provide expert medical billing services that integrate seamlessly into your current practice management software or EHR. That’s why our team of in-house experts have a wide range of knowledge and extensive experience working with common softwares to best serve you and your practice without having to uproot all your familiar processes and resources.


Experienced with Most Common Softwares


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Our staff has extensive experience in most of the common practice management softwares used today, such as Allscripts, Greenway, eClinicalWorks, Nextech, Modernizing Medicine and more.

Regardless of which software your practice has chosen to utilize at your practice, NCG Medical can offer expert consulting solutions. These solutions include:

  • Benchmarking practices' success against local and national standards
  • Creating workflow-optimized operations
  • Aligning technology with clinical activities
  • Identifying missing revenue, and educating staff and providers
  • And more
See why selecting our medical billing firm is your best ally for effectively using your software.


Knowledgeable About What Services You Need

As experts in your practice management software, our team can help determine what type of revenue cycle management services may be appropriate to outsource for your practice.

Depending on your new software, your team’s bandwidth and their familiarity with using the technology, organizations may choose a medical billing firm to assist with only the major issues (like payer relationships, complex rejections, payment issues, etc.) or more end-to-end services that handle every aspect of cash flow for you. Or, your practice may need more boutique services that are specially customized to meet your unique technical needs.

Let NCG Medical help you determine what’s best for your practice by offering a professional assessment of the individual medical billing services you need.


Dedicated to Helping You Make a Switch If Needed


If your organization decides at some point that keeping the same practice management software will not beneficial in the long run, but rather it would be better to make the change to a smarter toolset, NCG Medical is here to help along the way.

With more than 30 years of experience providing medical billing services, we know that the implementation of a new software is just the beginning of the process. NCG Medical offers several tips and keys to success for integrating new software, including selecting specific user-leaders, starting with a smaller area of your operations to use the new technology first, continually communicating new benefits of using it, etc.

But regardless of which vendor you’ve selected for your new software, you may still need assistance from professionals. If you are still in need of consultative help with your new practice management software after integrating it into your practice, let the NCG Medical team be your trusted resource.


Want to see how NCG Medical can be your trusted experts for practice management software consulting? Contact us today and learn more!



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