NCG Clears the Air to Negative EHR Accusations

October 16, 2012 by Wellons Communi...

With physicians and hospitals implementing electronic health records, recently there has been a lot of negative press regarding the adjustments. NCG Perfect Care is here to clear the air by addressing the issues head on. 

In a recent survey released by the New York Times, they stated “74 percent of survey respondents believe their (medical) information could be stolen by a hacker.”  In this day and age what records are not kept online?  People have been keeping their financial bank records online for years; the bank stores these digital records in much the same manor.  The healthcare industry has similar encryption and authentication methods to govern data security to make sure your medical files are safe. 

There have been several implications that installing EHRs is a waste of effort and energy, taking away from customer care.  This is simply not true when it comes to NCG's Perfect Care. The set-up is simple and fast. In addition, NCG promises to help their customer every step of the way, so time is never wasted and HIPAA compliance is maintained. EHRs go on to improve customer care by identifying trends in sicknesses, easy access information exchanging, and more. 

Do not be fooled by the negative headlines, contact NCG today to see how Perfect Care EHR can benefit you. 

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