Florida to Pay Medicaid Primary Doctors at Higher Rate

December 11, 2012 by Wellons Communi...

NCG Medical would like to give primary doctors in Florida a heads up; with healthcare reform Medicaid doctors will now get paid at higher Medicare rates.

In a recent article published in the Miami Herald, starting Jan. 1 Florida will pay Medicaid primary care doctors at a new, higher rate required by the federal Affordable Care Act.

Although the Agency for Health Care Administration is still working on the budget for the current fiscal year, the increase will be implemented per federal law. The exact payment is yet to be determined, but in the past providers were paid about 55% of Medicare rates when serving Medicaid patients.

After a long complaint that Medicaid reimbursement rates were too low for attracting Florida doctors, the article states “Federal lawmakers’ intention was to emphasize primary care, to give patients basic treatment to reduce expensive emergency room visits and to increase the number of doctors in the Medicaid program, which is expected to expand greatly in many states in 2014.”

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