Doctors Stare Down EHR Deadline: Risk Losing Thousands

May 25, 2012 by Wellons Communi...

Tick. Tick. TICK. The clock is ticking for doctors who want to receive maximum federal incentives for electronic health records. We have been saying it for months that the time for doctors to join the EHR movement without losing money is quickly running out.

Now others are picking up on our message. This week, EHR Intelligence wrote a straightforward explanation about how doctors are facing serious deadlines if they want to get their share of federal money.

In order to get top dollar- more than $18,000 this year- doctors need to implement and begin using a certified electronic health record program in a meaningful way. If 2012 is their first year with electronic health records, doctors need only three months of use.

But that doesn't mean practices can rush out, buy the program on September 30, install it on their server and think everything will be okay.

Ordering now avoids a confusing summer rush, leaving plenty of time for installation, easy staff training and to start working toward meaningful use. Solutions such as Perfect Care are built to give doctors what they need to meet the requirements in the simplest form. To learn more click here.

We are proud that key trade media is covering this story. Let's hope doctors are listening. The money they could be throwing away is their own.

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