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Pursuing the Right Software Set-Up to Get Your Practice Paid Quickly

Reaching the outcomes you want, in all walks of life, requires using the right tools. But in the medical practice environment, it can be hard to know if your solutions are hindering your success.

When it comes to practice management and medical billing technology, providers have a tendency to settle for systems that are “good enough” to get the job done. But doctors and their teams deserve better… and when they use better tools, they see better results.

Relying on modern, integrated solutions (as opposed to outdated, hardware-bound systems) can minimize unnecessary denials and rejections, because the best tools streamline complex onboarding processes and provide guardrails to help you submit clean claims.

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Negotiating with Payers for Better Reimbursements: 3 Tips

Small practices often feel like they have no leverage with payers. But while it’s true that large practices have a lot more power at the negotiating table, independent providers should always make sure their reimbursements are paid fairly – at rates that respect the quality of care delivered.

That said, most payers aren’t trying to “stiff” small practices. They’re simply gauging economics and ROI like any other business. If you can help an insurer realize what unique value your practice brings to their table, you may be surprised at how beneficial it proves to the pay rates (or other expectations) you can secure from a payer when establishing or revising a contract.

It comes down to knowing your worth, and negotiating smart. Here are our top tips for setting rates that support your practice’s success.

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Considering Outsourcing Medical Billing? It Isn’t Always ‘All or Nothing’

Medical practice professionals are resistant to the word “outsourcing.” It brings to mind ideas of offshoring and offloading – packing up your processes and shipping them off to an invisible third party (and its thousands of employees) entirely separate from the in-house team.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. And in medical billing, it tends not to be.

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Following Up on Unpaid Balances: New Tactics to Help You Collect

Non-paying patients are an unfortunate practice reality. And when money goes undeceived at the encounter, the odds of collecting only go down from there.

According to 2017 data, practices only collect 12% of outstanding balances at time of service, and collect nothing 67% of the time. The bigger the bill, the less likely it is to ever be paid: Practices collect 40% of outstanding balances when the tab is $35 or less, but just 6% when the patient's debt tops $200.

So what’s a practice to do? Well, even though there will always be non-paying patients, there will always be ways to reach them (and persuade them to pay). Here are the latest tips for following up.

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Should You Hire a MIPS Expert at Your Practice?

The doctors and nurses in your office are experts at what they were formally trained to do: diagnose and treat patients in their specialty. Your top coders, administrators, and billers have all earned expertise in their fields, too (whether through professional education on on-the-job know-how).

When it comes to incentive program participation, however, almost no one is a true expert… which is perhaps why everyone – doctors, billers, and front desk alike – tends to think they are.

For many practices, adherence to government programs – such as MIPS, MACRA, or Meaningful Use – is an all-hands-on-deck exercise across the office, with dozens of people handing off reporting responsibilities to one another. Often, the efforts are excessively inefficient.

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Staffing to Meet Demand: Is It Possible for Your Practice?

As technology delves deeper into every area of your practice operations, you may find yourself with extra resources on your hands.

Check-in kiosks in the waiting room might be freeing up staff time at the front desk, for example. Automated eligibility checks or claim-scrubbing software might be doing the same in billing. And if yours is one of the many practices embracing telemedicine (or having nurses and PAs handle check-ups and other routine visits), even your doctors might be enjoying more downtime than they used to.

It’s a welcome shift to see medical professionals get some breathing room in their schedules. For decades, healthcare’s high-touch nature has demanded ever more staff in the office setting – or worse, expensive overtime pay.

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3 Tips for Improving Your Patient Education Resources

For the modern medical practice, quality content can contribute to patient acquisition, retention, and treatment adherence. Providing useful resources to patients also creates an extra touchpoint between them and your practice – helping make the relationship more meaningful.

But if your educational materials are stale and out-of-date, they provide little value to you or your patients.

If you’re still relying on that dusty rack of brochures in the waiting room, it’s well past time to improve your approach. Here’s our advice on a making your materials better.

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Best Practices for Analyzing Payer Reimbursements

Do you dedicate resources to analyzing payment accuracy? Lots of practices don’t – and are putting too much faith in payers to reimburse in full on every claim they complete.

Assuming payer accuracy is a recipe for revenue loss. Underpayments are more common than you think, and it’s easy for denials to slip through the cracks when you lack a strategy for analyzing claims at large. If you don’t spot a problem in your reimbursements early on, it may recur unnecessarily – leading to excess losses.

A few extra measures around the office can go a long way to enhancing your revenue performance and stay profitable in the long run. Check out our tips below, or consider partnering with a trusted medical billing service for a more robust (and reliable) approach.

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Rethinking The Patient-Provider Relationship: 3 Insights That Can Help Grow Your Practice

As a medical billing firm, we’re constantly thinking about how to help our clients improve their financial performance and get more of what they’re owed. And most of that advice is about your operations and services – from your coding strategy to your fee schedule.

But in the healthcare environment, providers provide much more than care. Your practice’s role in each individual patient’s life is significant, and your long-term or ill patients may see the relationship as a huge part of their lives. So when you think about improving your financial performance, we encourage you to think beyond the revenue cycle to the entire experience a patient has when they interact with your practice.

Findings from a recent Weatherby Healthcare survey gave us some fresh food for thought on how providers can rethink the patient relationship and retain more patients (or expand their practices) in the process.

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The Importance of Tracking (and Lowering) Days in Accounts Receivable

How well do you know your cash flow when it comes to accounts receivable? Many practices allow A/R to be a black box of misunderstanding.

Accounts receivable (the money owed to your practice for services rendered and billed) is a high-touch area of every medical practice. So if you have a large number of administrative staffers managing different patient accounts or specialties, it can be hard to gain a holistic understanding of how long it’s taking you to get paid.

That’s why many practices *think* their A/R is a-ok, even when incomes fluctuate from month to month. But if patient visits are stable, incoming cash should be too – which is why it’s vital for medical practices to understand how many days pass between the bills going out, and the payments coming in.

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Expert Medical Billing Services: So You Don't Lose a Cent

We can help with medical billing 

NCG Medical are experts at medical billing services. We can help protect your bottom line. NCG's medical billing and coding division employs highly-trained accounting and billing specialist - including CPAs and MBA-trained staff - to assure your practice gets the reimbursements it deserves.

NCG's revenue cycle consulting helps in the following key areas:

  • benchmarking practices success against local and national standards
  • creating workflow optimized operations
  • aligning technology with clinical activities
  • identifying missing revenue, and educating staff and providers
  • and many more

With regulations changing, rates constantly decreasing and compliance requirements evolving, we understand that your medical billing and processing is tougher than ever.

Contact us today to schedule your billing checkup, 800-959-1906.

The Stimulus

Under the HITECH Act – a provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – physicians who implement EHRs and meet HHS meaningful use criteria may be eligible for HITECH incentives of $44,000 or more.

Meaningful Use

The Recovery Act specifies the following three components of meaningful use:

1. Use a certified EHR in a meaningful manner such as e-prescribing.

2. Use certified EHR technology for electronic exchange of health information to improve quality of healthcare.

3. Use certified EHR technology to submit clinical quality measures.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing us to NCG Medical and the Perfect Care EMR system. It has been an answer we were looking for. The new system was easy to install without having to retrain the staff on a new system. Your staff has been a pleasure to work with. Laura has been amazing with the implementation right up to the point of attestation for the incentive check, which, by the way, we received. As promised, we received $18,000 per doctor for five providers within 90 days.

- Jan L. Delnero, Business Administrator, ATLANTIC GASTROENTEROLOGY ASSOCIATES, P.A.

Our office has been with NCG Medical for a decade now, and our experience has always been positive.  When we decided to switch over to Perfect Care EHR everyone was very helpful in the process.  At the end of the year we did receive our $18,000 incentive check. It went very smooth and easy!

- Peter C. Smith, M.D.

Our practice is a multi-specialty clinic with family medicine, chiropractic, and podiatry specialties. Perfect Care has been a perfect match for all our doctors. The successful attestation of our five doctors with Perfect Care EHR was the icing on the cake!

- Randy Glisson, D.C.

I have been working with NCG Medical for several years. Perfect Care EHR is the only way to maintain continued productivity, excellent service, and a medical practice that will run smoothly no matter what requirements or mandates face the health care industry. As practice manager, it is my responsibility to make sure the business runs smooth. I want to thank the staff at NCG Medical for guiding me through these last several years.  Perfect Care EHR is an asset to any practice.

- Sherri L Maetozo, MD

We have met "meaningful use" easily, NCG and Perfect Care EHR support team guided us through the attestment and we are awaiting our "incentive" checks three months after installation.  It's a wonderful team to work with!

- Novik + Stawicki Medical Associates, P.C.

The NCG Medical service that we receive is excellent and the personnel we work with are fantastic. All my questions are answered quickly and followed up with additional resources to ensure that my practice is successful…true picture of great customer service.

- Brian Deonarine, MD

As an administrator of a busy general surgery practice it was my responsibility to find the very best EHR system. I looked at more than eight EHR systems and NCG Medical’s Perfect Care EHR fit all of our needs. We are so happy with our decision.

- Surgical Associates of Central Florida

Our Perfect Care program was easy to learn and use! NCG's knowledgeable staff took what could have easily been the most nightmarish ordeal and helped us transition seamlessly into an EHR system that works for us, without affecting our office productivity, resulting in an $18,000 incentive. Thanks NCG!

- Kenneth Hawthorne, MD

Our experience with NCG Medical and Perfect Care exceeded my expectations.  As we were trying to beat the deadline to receive the incentive, NCG took over and handled everything quickly and professionally. They were able to accomplish all of what was required and had my office trained and working in plenty of time – all with no loss of productivity or change in any workflow.  

- Advanced Eyecare and Laser Center

My office has been using Perfect Care EHR for five months. I’m a solo doctor and see on average 50 patients a day. With Perfect Care EHR I never saw a loss in productivity and I have already received $18,000 in incentives.

- Mainland Eye

I have been a user of Perfect Care EHR for about seven months.  I’m totally satisfied with the system operation and the outstanding service.  As promised, I received the $18,000.00 incentive in December of 2011, without any problem.  I have used another vendor in the past and never received the quality of service as I do now. I can't imagine why anyone would use another vendor.  I fully endorse the Perfect Care program and its staff.

- Joseph S Fisher, MD, PC, FACP, FACE

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